Nearly A Billion Dollar Force In Just Three Years Since three years of operations 100% of members never lost money and made profit. Company had zero refund requests and zero complaints with BBBs in 104 countries!

1. BitClub Network (BitClub, BCN) began operation of its first bitcoin and alternative (alt coin) mining facility in March 2014. BitClub is considered a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

2. BitClub Network currently mines 3-4% of the total cryptocurrency global market share.

3. BitClub Network has become a BILLION dollar company as of June 2017, in just three years of operation. 100% of its members have made a profit. There have been zero refund requests and zero complaints with BBBs in 104 countries!

4. BitClub Network was founded by a group of entrepreneurs, including Joe Abel, a highly accomplished entrepreneur with decades of experience in marketing and business management. The group merged their skills in the areas of technology, cryptocurrency, programming, cyber security, research and development, financial, marketing, etc. Together they have built a phenomenal opportunity for BCN members to profit from bitcoin and alt coin by investing and sharing profits in the company's mining operation. BCN operates the most transparent and verifiable mining operation in the cryptocurrency business.

5. BitClub Network is an international organization. US Citizens can't just sign up online. They have to be invited, obtain a VPN (Virtual Private Network) service, set it to another country IP address and obtain a free BitClub website.

6. BitClub Network operates transparently and is heavily present in the world's largest blockchains. It produces publicly and verifiable mining quantities, which shares that are dispersed daily, flawlessly and timely among its participating members. BitClub has become the most reliable source of daily digital income and cryptocurrency leverage in the most powerful industry of our lifetime.

7. BitClub Network owns $100,000,000 in mining equipment and invests approximately $30 million/month in new equipment to grow its data centers. BitClub purchases its equipment through mining equipment companies, Bitmain (85%) and BitFury (15%). They also have a close relationship with Antpool of China which now also sells equipment to BitClub as they need it. BitClub also has an exclusive relationship with Genesis mining. Genesis now works exclusively for BitClub in assembling data centers. BitClub also partners in electricity purchases with Genesis. Genesis and BitClub facilities are located next to one another in Iceland. The data centers are located in Iceland which is the perfect country to produce renewable energy completely independent from oil, thorough hydro, geothermal and solar sources. The company has videos of its data centers and the frequent tours it offers to its members. BitClub allows members to pool their money together and make large purchases. This means bigger discounts on hardware, fewer electricity costs, and a much more efficient mining operation.

8. BitClub Network has already mined $214,000,000 of Bitcoin and currently mining $135,000,000 per year of Bitcoin, which is 6% of all Bitcoin mining. BitClub, as of June 2017, has mined $70,000,000 of Ethereum and ALT coins, such as ZCash and Monero. This is completely verifiable on the public blockchains of these respective currencies.

9. BitClub Network currently produces 4TH (Tera Hash) of mining power. Since 2014, BitClub has gone through six equipment upgrades as mining technology improves and gets faster. BitClub is in the process of acquiring a custom-made super chip that mines Ethereum faster without power hungry and hard to get video cards.

10. BitClub Network owns its own blockchain and its own cryptocurrency called ClubCoin, currently trading at 0.40 cents. This is a Proof of Stake mining blockchain. It doesn't require computing power.

11. BitClub Network is about to launch a global crypto currency merchant account, which is a one-of-a-kind system that will eliminate credit cards and charge backs. Merchants will be able to accept multiple cryptocurrencies and transferrable into many US and international currencies. It's called CoinPay.

12. BitClub Network makes available, a new USB hardware wallet, called ClubCoin Nano S. This is a USB drive protected by cryptographic code where you can safely store your cryptocurrency. Online exchanges and wallets are constantly under attack. Once you own cryptocurrency you want to download it on this crypto drive and store it safely away from hackers... or you can use it to mail it anywhere in the world.

13. BitClub Network membership includes a one lifetime membership fee of $99.

14. BitClub Network offers four mining pools. Each pool entitles you earn a respective mining share. The bigger the pool, the bigger the share.

15. With each pool purchased, a share of hardware mines cryptocurrency for the BitClub Network active member. Digital currency is paid daily in bitcoins directly to the member’s wallet. A percentage goes to create additional commissions and also to repurchase additional equipment. The pools grow perpetually and compound over time. By taking a percentage of all the Bitcoin mined and putting it toward a re-purchase BitClub has created an automatic income without “autoship” that members NEVER have to pay out of their pocket. For contributing daily, BitClub rewards members with a larger share of cryptocurrency. All shares are paid for 1000 days, expire and need to be renewed. However, because of the repurchase, even if the original expenditure is not renewed, the pools will continue to profit forever based on the amount of accumulated repurchases. The pools can be set at 100% repurchase to further compound cryptocurrency profit.

16. BitClub Network does not guarantee that a mining share will have a "set" return. BitClub will never make claims about how much one will earn from having a share in a BitClub mining pool because the truth is BitClub does not know. On earning are based on historical data.

17. Please not that there is the usual false information published by industry contrarian websites like,, and These sites distort facts for ranking and ratings. They sensationalize false information to sell their services. It's a bad way to do business. But they do it. Scam review sites get traffic and when they don't see scam, they fabricate it. These people are not expert analysts. They are marketers of fake news. The facts and success of BitClub stand alone with $70,000,000 per month in sales.

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"Cryptocurrency will be bigger than the internet itself and will create the next Trillionaire."
- Mark Cuban of Shark Tank.


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